Bullying is a term used to define repeated patterns of behavior, which hurt, injure, embarrass, upset, or discomfort others, directly or indirectly. Any instances of bullying should be immediately reported to the school disciplinarians who will determine the appropriate consequences to be issued.

Click here to read the HCCS Bullying Policy in summary (pending) or visit the school's main office.

Click here to download the 2022-23 HCCS Student-Parent Handbook.

Click here to download the 2022-23 HCCS Student-Parent Handbook (Español)

Click here to download the HCCS Bullying Prevention Plan

Click here to download the HCCS Bullying Prevention and Intervention Incident Reporting Form

HCCS Behavior

SABIS® Student Management System

All students are entitled to learn in a positive, well-managed environment. To achieve this goal, all members of the HCCS team work together to create a community of learners.


The Director

  • Sets the tone
  • Coaches and mentors staff
  • Makes final decisions regarding discipline


The Teachers

  • Have high expectations
  • Teach "discipline"
  • Teach & practice procedures & routines
  • Uphold school rules
  • Practice effective classroom management
  • Act as role models


The Student Life Coordinator

  • Establishes the culture
  • Motivates students & gets them involved
  • Adds an objective and positive perspective
  • Is a key player


The Student Management Coordinator

  • Helps students want to be good
  • Understands that positive consequences are as important as negative ones
  • Knows that being proactive is an effective prevention tool
  • Understands that talking with students is crucial to changing behavior


The Students

  • Become good citizens
  • Be part of the "WE" culture
  • Get involved


The Parents

  • Are informed of school's expectations
  • Accept school priorities (academics)
  • Support school philosophy


The Student Management Team

  • Helps create a community of learners
  • Monitors Behavior
  • Follows up & assigns consequences
  • Maintains behavior records
  • Communicates with parents