Uniform/Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

The Holyoke Community Charter School, as a member of the SABIS® School Network, values each student for who they are, not by how they look or what they wear. The school has a uniform policy which requires students to come to school in a uniform at all times, except on scheduled non-uniform days or when special permission is granted by the administration. Uniforms instill pride in the school and give each child a feeling of being part of the team. It helps to eliminate peer pressure. Uniforms are also more cost-efficient. Any family having difficulty abiding by this rule should contact the School Director or designee.

The most important element of the uniform policy is parental support. We need your help to make the uniform policy a success.

** Violations of the uniform policy will result in disciplinary action and consequences. **


• Navy Blue Polo Shirt gr K-5, Baby Blue Polo  gr 6-8
• Khaki bottoms K-5, Black Pants gr 6-8
• Closed-toe shoes (Nothing that lights up or sings; no Crocs)

Gym Uniform (to be worn on 'gym' days)

• Black or White plain t-shirt; or Parent Connection approved t-shirt
• Black, Navy Blue, and Grey solid pants (stripe downside allowed)

Dress Code Intervention Measures & Consequences

If your child does not come to school wearing the proper uniform, a loan of uniform clothing will be offered from the limited supply of clean, surplus uniform items. The loaned clothing must be laundered and returned to the school the following day. If properly sized clothing is unavailable for student loans, parents/guardians will be contacted to bring proper uniform clothing to the school. Students awaiting proper uniform clothing will remain in the In-House Alternative Room.


Purchasing Uniforms

You can purchase uniforms from FT Custom Printing by clicking on the link below: