The SABIS® Approach

The SABIS® Approach

SABIS® Curriculum: The backbone of the SABIS® Educational System is a rigorous and sequential curriculum that meets world-class standards. Supported by time-tested methods, this curriculum emphasizes a well-balanced body of knowledge, skills, and experiences. A critical review of the curriculum by SABIS® Academic Development Department is ongoing to ensure that it remains dynamic, comprehensive, and suited to the needs of a rapidly changing, global society.

SABIS® Book Series: The SABIS® Book Series includes over 2,800 titles for classes in Kindergarten through high school in all core subjects ranging from English and Spanish to math, social studies, and art. All SABIS® Books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curricula and follow the SABIS Point System® of teaching. Subsequently, every book is divided, in line with every course in the curriculum, into concepts which form the building blocks of student learning.

SABIS® Teaching Methods: Efficient is the term that best describes the SABIS® approach to teaching. This efficiency is brought forth by teaching a body of knowledge and skills with minimal input in the shortest time possible. It includes mixed ability classes and whole class teaching with active student participation throughout the education process.

Proven successful over the years, the structured and traditional teaching methods, including the SABIS Point System® and inherent group work, focus on the mastery of the basics in English, mathematics, and a second world language. Teaching techniques include memorization and phonics in reading and drilling in basic mathematics, among others. These techniques build a strong foundation for accelerated learning, creative judgment, critical thinking, individual exploration, and ownership of one's education in upper grades.

Frequent Assessment: SABIS® Network schools provide programs that allow prompt, reliable assessment of student knowledge as well as effective follow-up. One such program, the SABIS Academic Monitoring System® (SABIS® AMS), is used to assess student knowledge of every English and math concept taught. The SABIS®AMS allows 'gaps' in student knowledge to be detected as they form.

Working as a team, teachers and students then focus their efforts on "filling the gaps." This accountability and quality-control system, along with student commitment and parental support, promotes rapid achievement and self-confidence and ensures superior learning for students.

Follow-Up and Support: The progress of every student is continuously monitored through a series of regular tests. In addition to praise and encouragement, students are given the support they need. All available means are used to help those students who fall behind. Students are advised in study techniques, motivated by the academic staff, and encouraged by receiving help from peer tutors or teachers. In the SABIS®  Network, everything possible is done to ensure success. No one who studies in a school in the SABIS® Network is allowed to "fail in peace."